Q: What’s the point?

A: To provide anyone that wants to with the chance to do a mitzvah.

Q: How much do I pay?

A: We want everyone to have tefillin, mezuzot and other mitzvos, but they are expensive. We ask for a one-off upfront donation (we suggest £5), plus we invite everyone to suggest a monthly repayment donation to repay some or all of the cost (for example, £3/month for 2 years). Any money received will go back into the pot and help others get their mitzvah object. If you feel you cannot afford any upfront or monthly donation, please let us know and we will happily be in touch. 

Q: How can MitzvahSource provide such large subsidies?

A: We have secured the backing of some generous donors who want to make sure that whoever wants to, can do a mitzvah.

Q: Is there any limit to what I can ask for?

A: There is no financial limit, nor is there a cap on the number of things you can ask for. However, we only have limited resources, and so will consider each request carefully before approval.

Q: What can I request?

A: Anything! We welcome requests for any item which is used to do a mitzvah, including tefillin, tzizit, mezuzot, kiddush cups, Shabbat candles, seforim (books), lulav & etrog and more! Just ask, and we will be in touch.

Q: Can I customise it?

A: Yes! For example, if you are ordering tzitzit and would like a certain size/fit, you can let us know!

Q: Are the objects new or second-hand?

A: Most mitzvah objects will be new, however seforim (Jewish books) may be new or second-hand.

Q: Once I order the mitzvah, how do I get it?

A: When requesting the object, we will ask you for a postal address. If approved, we will post the object out in plain packaging.

Q: What about my data?

A: We will never pass on your data without your explicit permission.

Q: Are there any restrictions on its use?

A: The intention is that you use the object in question for the intended mitzvah, and treat it with respect. That doesn’t mean you are obligated to use it everyday, but we do ask that you only make a request if you will use it. When making a request, we ask you to certify that you will not sell on the object or use it for commercial gain.

Q: What happens when I no longer need the object/it is worn out/no longer kosher?

A: In this case, we ask you to do one of the following: (1) get in touch with us, and we will send you a prepaid envelope to send it back to us, or (2) if it still in good shape, pass it on to someone else that needs it!